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Greetings, one and all. I already posted in the "You, Me & Everyone Else We Know" thread, but I realized that it wasn't likely to help me to meet anyone, so here I am with what I hope is a moderately attention-grabbing title. I want to have some meaningful interactions through PerC, and I think it's going to take a little more "putting myself out there" than I'm used to.

I found this board via multiple Google searches on MBTI-related topics. The main reason I'm here is to learn more about the cognitive functions; I'm on the lookout for resources that can clarify my understanding, so I can do a better job of explaining them to other people.

I'm also here to learn about how to integrate the inferior. My Fe is pretty weak and I have no end of difficulty in using it IRL. Online interactions are much easier because I can use my Ti to get everything just right before posting, but maybe I can spend some time on other boards watching how those with stronger Fe relate to each other.

I've never before spent much time talking to people I don't already know on the internet, so I'm also breaking new social ground (for me) in a relatively safe way.

I pride myself (perhaps too much) on not being easily offended, so feel free to say or ask anything and point out any errors I make. It'll be an educational experience. =]
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