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I don’t exactly relate to a lot of the INTP’s on this site but that is my type so here is my intro.

INTP Enneagram 5-8-4 sx/sp

I’m not sure if any other INTP’s or Enneagram 5’s can relate to feeling like a dark and isolated person. I feel like I’m constantly walking on hot stones and if I stand still for too long I might snap. It’s a slow burn, but it keeps me moving forward.

As long as I’m moving forward I can keep my cool and my sense. If I’m not moving I usually resort to anger and I become entirely self-destructive. My life becomes a hellish nightmare and it takes me a while to get back on my own two feet.

I know myself enough to be able to avoid this pitfall altogether by focusing on my work, art and health. I’m the lead in an artistic industry. I have no friends and hundreds of acquaintances. I don’t tolerate disrespect or betrayal. I cut that out of my life regardless of how many memories, emotions, experiences we’ve shared.

Personal relationships mean virtually nothing to me. Even diamonds can be set on fire.

I like wearing reds of all shades, I like dressing well and having nice things, and I’m deeply into aesthetics and symmetry. I think my face looks perfectly symmetrical in the mirror and I also look normal to others, but whenever I see a picture of myself, I see a distorted image of a stranger.

Almost demonic.

It could be body dysmorphia but I don’t care about it enough to get checked. I’m more confident in my looks than most people and I don’t need a psychologist digging into my brain or stuffing me with pills in order to try to ‘fix’ me.

I’m not the typical female but I love the freedom in sexuality and I love working for my fun, supporting others’ creative endeavors, and sharing experiences with quality people. I don’t give a shit where you’re from or what you identify as (absurdist, christian, feminist, idealist, unversalist, atheist, catholic, morman, etc.).

Talk to me in ideas, not in labels.

That’s it for now.

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Welcome bastard.

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Well met!

Tis always good to find another 584! You seem awfully intense and outgoing for an INTP, though I suppose it could be your Sx instinct at work. I fully embrace your
dark-scintillating-scarlet-shadow (It tastes yummy).

iNtp sp/sx x84
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hail demon of conceptual arousal

the mantees pray at three.



exoskeletons filled with fluid.

friends are easy to come by, enemies take time and power... choose wisely.
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