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Hi fellow INTP’s.

My discovery this year about my specific personality type has been a bit of a revelation. A positive one. It is a relief to understand that many of my traits and tendencies are at least in part due to how my brain functions and how INTP’s process the world around them.

I struggled with many aspects of my INTP personality before I realized that was what I was and now that I have this knowledge it has helped ease a bit of a psychological burden and has helped me to find ways to counterbalance and temper myself and also guided me to start writing publicly about my life and thoughts in order to help to push to the surface some of the ideas that flit and float around in my head all day every day.

In the financial crisis in 2008-09 I lost my job in media sales and started getting involved with stock trading and the financial markets through chance. I dived in to this world without a life vest and as a consequence I lost a lot of money over several years but in the process my INTP nature continued to plug away at trying to decipher the secret or the “code” of the markets and it was and still is a constant source of fascination.

I have especially gravitated to technical analysis of the stock charts since as an INTP I have a real gift for seeing the repeating patterns that occur throughout history in the charts and now my focus is on trying to create opportunities for myself in life based on my passion for the market and for charting.

I have started my own journal / blog about my experiences and fellow INTP’s may find it comforting or revealing about how we process the world around us. If you are interested in reading I would welcome it and any comments and feedback would be wonderful.

the blog is called Price is Truth and the link is in my profile if you are interested.

Best of luck to all of you, I feel that our type is truly amazing and rare and we are the worlds philosophers and guardians of logic and truth.


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