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INTPs and ENTJs?

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I've read online that one of the best personality types for an INTP to date are an ENTJ, but, I want to know if you think this could also apply to other dynamics such as business partners, friendships and co-workers, or if it is just in a romantic sense, which I doubt could work. I mean, what would put me off, is that a positive listed is that INTPs defer easily to partners. I wouldn't and I'm not the submissive type if that's what that means. I prefer being the dominant person IF a relationship has a sub/dom dynamic. That might be unique to me, or I might have tested as the wrong type, but how are the two types actually supposed to blend well as a whole in a romantic way or as friends? I could see how it could work in business, if an Introvert who happens to be an Entrepreneur has a vision of something on a grand scale and needs a CEO to make that vision a reality, but, besides professionally, how can an INTP and ENTJ blend well? Honestly I can see how an INTP and ENTJ could take over the fucking world combining their "unique" natural talents, but how does that translate into a romantic relationship?
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My roommate right now is an INTP. He and I are really good friends. I think we complement each other well. In terms of humor and lighthearted conversation, our conversations are very witty and intelligent. He and I also learn a lot from bouncing ideas and plans off each other. I basically plan most of the stuff we do, and he goes along with it for the most part, but he knows when to speak up. The biggest area we don't do well with is I sometimes can't depend on him with small things. I have to learn to let them go. And sometimes I can't get him to talk straight with me; he'll talk in code. But overall, he and I are good friends. One of the closest I've known.
@Jordan J Elaborate. This is interesting. He speaks in code? You mean he seems like he's thinking another thing, but says something else, or that he just likes to make people guess what's up with him at any particular moment? By small things do you mean that emotional stuff? As a Rational you should know better than to rely on another NT for that, if that is what you mean, I could be misreading.
Sorry about my lack of clarity. I wrote my last post quickly last night right before a movie began.

By speaking in code, I was referring to him saying X but meaning Y. He does this both to try to get what he wants in a passive-aggressive way, and also just because he thinks it's fun. It's most annoying to me when I can tell he wants something - like for me to stop doing something I habitually do - but he won't just freaking tell me: "Hey! Stop taking so long in the shower!" Also, related to this non-direct communication, he doesn't like it when I explicitly tell him to do something. He wants to feel autonomous, I think. Especially if he's doing something morally wrong, and he knows it's wrong, it's as if he'll keep doing it a little bit longer just to spite me if I tell him he should stop. Weird stuff like that.

Haha, I forgot to elaborate on what I meant by small things. Basically, he isn't the most dependable. If I make a plan on it, he doesn't always follow through. Like for example, we went on a road trip halfway across the country to go back to our respective homes for Spring Break, and because of him I ended up getting back home a day and a half later than we had planned. Ha, that's actually a big example. But again, to clarify, I think ENTJ-INTP is a good match for friendship. He's taught me to adjust my communication style, to try to be more flexible, and has helped point out unwarranted assumptions I make about him, other people, and certain ideas I hold/held.
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