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INTPs and ENTJs?

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I've read online that one of the best personality types for an INTP to date are an ENTJ, but, I want to know if you think this could also apply to other dynamics such as business partners, friendships and co-workers, or if it is just in a romantic sense, which I doubt could work. I mean, what would put me off, is that a positive listed is that INTPs defer easily to partners. I wouldn't and I'm not the submissive type if that's what that means. I prefer being the dominant person IF a relationship has a sub/dom dynamic. That might be unique to me, or I might have tested as the wrong type, but how are the two types actually supposed to blend well as a whole in a romantic way or as friends? I could see how it could work in business, if an Introvert who happens to be an Entrepreneur has a vision of something on a grand scale and needs a CEO to make that vision a reality, but, besides professionally, how can an INTP and ENTJ blend well? Honestly I can see how an INTP and ENTJ could take over the fucking world combining their "unique" natural talents, but how does that translate into a romantic relationship?
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My best business relationship to date was with an INTP. We imagine, conceived, and implemented our own business from scratch. We did that when we realized that the autonomy we craved didn't exist in our chosen profession.

Before either of us were aware of MBTI, we noticed that we complemented each other very well. He has a strong tendency to identify weaknesses in my approach, in particular helping me to tone down the assertiveness or perceived aggression. In addition, my desire to have everything done yesterday, was something he really helped with.

In turn, he was greatly helped by my ability to push things through and to implement the things we talked about. My big strengths were in making things happen. We were also very good in meetings - we would break down the stakeholders we expected to be present in the meeting, review talking points and how to present them to different people, and what approach we would take in the meeting. After the meetings, we would dissect our performance and the different impressions we had of each other as well as all the parties present.

This was a tremendous partnership - I ended up moving on to another opportunity, partly because I burned bridges when I crossed the wrong person (he was much better at laying low). Still a tremendously productive partnership. It helped that he was very assertive for an INTP, and even though he naturally deferred to me in most settings, he also didn't take any of my criticisms personally and with time learned to be more assertive in our discussions.

Also, my best friend is an INTP and one of my best relationships was an INTP, and I discovered all of this only after learning about MBTI. So personally, I've found this to be an excellent combination, but I'm skeptical of how much one could generalize my personal experience.
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The INTPs I have known (at least I'm pretty sure they are INTPs) have not been assertive people. What this means to me, is that during a discussion either between us or in the presence of other people, they have tended to let me set the agenda of the discussion, and drive it in whatever direction I want. For example, if I have 3 points I want to make during a discussion and they have 3 points, I will always get my 3 points in and they might only get 1 or 2 in, unless I actively try to modulate myself.

These types are just stereotypes anyway by definition, just one way of examining and understanding ourselves. I don't really take it that seriously. Still, it's kind of funny that you became a bit upset because INTPs don't usually have emotions, anger, or feelings.
After reading these posts, I had a discussion with 3 of my ENTJ friends.

We've decided to randomly find one or two INTPs every week and kick the shit out of them.

It will make the world a better place as they are an intemperate and traitorous type.

So I guess you could call us the MBTI Vigilantes. We'll do the ISTJs after that because they basically are the human equivalent of a wrench that fouls up a well-oiled machines.

But first - the INTPs.
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