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INTPs and ENTJs?

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I've read online that one of the best personality types for an INTP to date are an ENTJ, but, I want to know if you think this could also apply to other dynamics such as business partners, friendships and co-workers, or if it is just in a romantic sense, which I doubt could work. I mean, what would put me off, is that a positive listed is that INTPs defer easily to partners. I wouldn't and I'm not the submissive type if that's what that means. I prefer being the dominant person IF a relationship has a sub/dom dynamic. That might be unique to me, or I might have tested as the wrong type, but how are the two types actually supposed to blend well as a whole in a romantic way or as friends? I could see how it could work in business, if an Introvert who happens to be an Entrepreneur has a vision of something on a grand scale and needs a CEO to make that vision a reality, but, besides professionally, how can an INTP and ENTJ blend well? Honestly I can see how an INTP and ENTJ could take over the fucking world combining their "unique" natural talents, but how does that translate into a romantic relationship?
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