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INTP's and lying

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I'm curious.

I find that I can lie to try and get my point across to someone, simply because I can't be bothered to explain it to them the long and complex way that it is inside my head, because they won't understand.

Because I think that I know I am right, I don't feel wrong in doing this.

I'm not sure that this is typical of INTP's though!
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I don't see how anyone could perceive playing Devil's advocate as lying. To me, it's a method for strengthening an argument. How can your point be valid if it can't even stand up to the scrutiny of someone who doesn't even care about the point they're arguing? If I argue the other side, they have a chance to really explore the thought and give it some substance, or least prove that they've already done so.

I actually lie a lot. Normally in moments of panic when I am worried about the consequences of telling the truth. It's usually more hassle than it is worth, but when the moment comes I guess my brain just gets by passed and the lie comes out.

Also, how can the cake be a lie? It's so delicious and moist! I'm going to go enjoy it with my friend the companion cube!
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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