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Intp's and martial arts

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Any other INTPs practice, love, and/or are interested in martial arts. I have studied martial arts in the past and planning to start learning kendo sometime in the future. I have taken kung fu, aikido, tang soo do kick boxing, and amateur wrestling if that counts.
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I am interested in learning some kind of Martial Art. I always thought Kung Fu was the best, but isn't jujitsu better for real life situations?
there really is no such thing as the best martial art. It all comes down to your own personal style. True sometimes you train in an art and you will believe it to be the best over other styles and a lot of times some schools will try to make it sound like there martial art style is the best. I know I am not doing the best job explaining my point. But if you read many of the books on Bruce Lee and his philosophy of martial arts. He talks about the whole conflict of what style is better then the other and how each one is no better then the other and how what you learn from a style is not set in stone on how you fight. Except sport ones since there are rules involved.
I think I'd like to get involved in Kung Fu. Maybe kickboxing aswell.
I've looked extensively across the web and I think I'm going to attend Muay Thai training. It seems pretty brutal but quite effective in any confrontation and I think it would suit my body type. Also the shorts you get to wear are pretty bad ass.
I love it when women belly dance. ; )

Oh.. yeah back to topic, I was considering Weng Chun but I heard Muay Thai was more effective when defending yourself in a street fight.
I'm attending my first Muay Thai class tonight : )
Thanks for the tips mate. I'm glad you said Muay Thai is more effective I was considering Wing Chun/Tsung but yeah happy I made the right choice. Are you still doing it?
Well I have long legs my thighs are especially long. Im about 6'0" my arm reach isn't real long tho. Do you think my physique would suit Muay Thai?
It was really tough. Gotta be super fit, I aim to be, it won't take me long to get my fitness level right up if I'm doing that twice a week. Time to buy some Muay Thai shorts.
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