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Vague ik but, how are your grades as an INTP?
Favorite class(es)?
Your perfect teacher?
High school, for me it was annoying to actually have to start really trying to get good grades, honestly, how is or was it for you?
Studying?--i can never concentrate long enough!
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My grades... I'm in grade 12. Since the beginning of high school 5 years ago, I've gotten two Bs. The rest have been As. I find that I get lower marks in easier classes (eg. all years of French, Planning 10 - They're easy classes, but also laid back, so I lose motivation to do anything. I have a feeling the same will happen with Writing 12.)

From a marks standpoint, my time in high school has been good. Never really worried about studying too much. Most of my studying comes from the review packages the teachers give out. In a sense, I guess I DO study, but I put a minimal amount of time/effort into it.

From a social standpoint, my time in HS has been... Meh. I mean I wasn't friendless or anything, but I still have some regrets. Grade 12 was my favorite year, because it was the time in which I started feeling comfortable with myself.

Favorite classes... For the educational substance they are the sciences (mostly Physics though), English, History 12 (I'm interesting in WWII/Cold War stuff).

my favorite teachers were the History 12 teacher, Math/Calculus teacher, and one English teacher. I won't bother explaining why. I MIGHT be able to take a stab at their personalities, but... I'd probably be off.
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Never study or do my work... I get distracted and forget.
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In high school my favorite classes were the scientific or math classes. I had a really cool ENTP science teacher that made everything interesting, he was probably the best teacher I'd ever had. As far as courses, AP Physics and AP Statistics were more fun than anything I'd ever taken before, though academically I did poorly until junior year. By that time I had taken and passed enough AP classes to partially redeem my poor organizational and time allotment abilities. I guess I wasn't very motivated to begin with, and it pissed off my teachers because they really seemed to like me at first but then they got tired of my not trying. But, I did fairly well senior year and graduated in '09 with a cumulative B. Now I'm in college trying to stay focused there, and I'm still not completely sure what I want to do.
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I'm in Jr.High and here are my grades:
Spanish: 100 [though I truely don't like it; my teacher is too cheery]
7/8 Science: 95 [oh no!]
P.E.: 100 [blah blah blah]
English: 97 [it went down 2 points (sad)]
7/8 Math: 96 [it's alright I guess...]
Health: 98 [used to be a 100, I don't like the summer slump]
S.S.: 95 [gasp! It used to be a 98 *fail*]
H/C: 95 [used to be 100 too, gar gar]

So yea. I study for probably 5-20 min. depending on the subject. Studying bores me. [science and math are the only AP classes offered in my grade, I will also be going into all the AP classes next year]

My favorite teacher is probably my Science teacher. She's funny but also doesn't like kiss ups too much. I would say she's an ENFP, but she's amazing. I think she thinks I'm a bit queer though because I alwasy askquestions like "How did they first know how many atoms there were, though?" or "Since there were 4 original forces in our universe, and they expanded from one, will there be more in a few hundred billion years or so?". She usually laughs and tells me to look it up :p

Science is the best!!!
I love "sick" [teehee] days though, too!
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I'm pretty evenly As and Bs, I think, although my Algebra grades are starting to die. Whatever. :|
My favourite class is definitely History, with Swedish following close behind. Although I rather like Health, because it's so easy.
I'm in 10th grade next year.
And I hate studying things I'm not interested in, so it's usually postponed till the last second. And I still manage to pull decent grades out of my arse, for the most part. :B
I got amazing grades when the subject interest me I hated school mostly.
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Well, I'm not in high school yet and our grading system is a bit different. (1-5, 1-"not enough", 2-"enough", 3-"good", 4-"very good", 5-"excellent") So like the names implie, you must have at least a 2 everywhere in order to pass a grade. I have mainly 5s everywhere, except at some where I've got a few 4s. I've got one 3 so far at sports. My sports has always been a 4 (3-5). I haven't ever got a 1 and I don't remember getting a 2 either, but my friend says I did at sports. I have straight 5s where I don't study at all (maths, english...), and 4-5 where I have to study and try hard.(nature/science/w/e, sports, hystory, geography...) I'm very good at memorizing stuff I'm interested in, but at the other fields (like hystory), where there's a lot of facts to memorize, I'm terrible. I can study for one whole day (morning to night, which I actually did yesterday 'casue I didn't study a bit before that for the test today) and not memorize anything. (what I remember now is something for a 3, maybe 4) So yeah, I'm best where I don't have to study.
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Oh! And I absolutely hate school!
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I know this INTP guy (my school senior, three years older than me) who never bothered to study, like, at all. The teachers were really frustrated cuz he was obviously brilliant and once got full marks for a literature test (which NEVER happens... but then again marking humanities subjects can be very subjective), but he couldn't be bothered to try. He nearly got held back a year, but the school principal decided to let it pass on account of his... smartness... or something. I don't really know. And once the teachers got so pissed with him, they suspended him for a week and forced him to stay in a monitored room and study for the upcoming tests, and he ended up near-topping that round of tests becuz this time he'd actually studied. Though then he went on to flunk his Alevels. I have no idea wtf goes on in his mind. like how can someone just... not care?!

...anyway. Then there's me! I've never been a straight A student. Scoring As for literature and English comes more or less effortlessly. Once I could score decently on a Maths test by studying only 10 minutes before it, but these days are long gone now that the syllabus has gotten harder. My current subjects in school are literature, economics, philosophy and maths -- I have a love hate relationship with all of them. I regret not taking geography.

My favourite teacher was a Maths tuition teacher. She was like a shining beacon of clarity in the murky complicated world of math. Right now I have this brilliant philosophy/literature teacher... he's insane, I can't even begin to describe him. We're studying Proof by David Auburn in lit class now -- if anyone here's read it, don't you think Catherine is totally an intp?!?!

And yeah, I have typical procrastination issues. I hate inertia, it's like this delibitating disease... the more one stays inert, the more likely one is to stay inert for longer... and longer... I've never missed out on any major important opportunity due to procrastination, though. I'm far too scared of not going to a good university.
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I've got all kinds of grades in almost every class, tho some tend to have better grades than others, like my maths, which isn't usually above 3(I don't know how to integrate that into american alphabethical system, but that's basically the lowest grade that's acceptable, a 2 equals a failure). I don't find maths all that hard, I am just being lazy.
I like most of the stuff to a ceratin extend actually, I don't think I hate any classes, even not the Russian class, which is my weakest, but this has its own reasons. (like me being a stupid teenager when we had to start learning Russian, hence I didn't really learn anything and now I'm totally lost; and my inability to force myself to learn on my own)
After primary I dropped out of the school I was in and went to a highschool (where I still am studying) that's much more laid-back, so this works for me most of the time. Except that russian again, in which I'm going to fail and going to have to fix it in the summer once more...
My favourite teacher is the chemistry teacher I used to have a couple of years ago, the one before him would jell at us all the time and she really didn't know how to teach this stuff to people who hadn't learned chemistry before. But then she was fired, or she left on her own, doesn't matter, and in came a very skinny and a cool ginger guy who actually made me want to study because he made it so simple, for me at least, so I started studying and in some time I actually scored some of the highest marks in my class. I wasn't usually in the top in any class, except maybe P.E. and drawing, lol.
He noticed me and that I actually have some talent in a bunch of areas, though I don't really work on them. So he came up to me and talked to me which gave me alot of thinking material. I still haven't figured it all out, like what would be the thing that would motivate me studying harder, lol.
And just for the irony, the new school, the highschool, I went to, has the same chemistry teacher teaching who couldn't teach me shit. FML.
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I usally did just enough work to get a pass around (50%). i hated school so much and spent much of it drawing/daydreaming or w/e else caught my interest :bored:
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100 minute lessons with maybe 20-35 minutes worth of actual substance drive me out of my mind. It also seems people are awful at recognizing stupid, useless busywork and will jump at the chance to do some.
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I've always been the kind of person that gets excellent grades in the most challenging classes and then get poor grades in the easiest classes. Generally speaking, school isn't my thing. I've found that I'm much better at learning on my own.
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I'm english so the systems are different, but in primary school (age 4 - 11) I was assessed to be very bright.
Then when it got to high school (11 - 16) I just stopped bothering to do any work or homework and underachieved.
I passed all 11 GCSE's with B and C grades having done no revision what so ever, something which I was secretly proud of at the time when in actual fact I was ridiculously stupid not to have done any revision because If I had just bothered to try I could have acheived high marks.

Then went to music college (16-18) and got a decent diploma in popular music. That suited me more as their weren't really any strict deadlines as everyone was pretty laid back and you could do more of what you wanted to do.

Now I'm at University for 3 years studying applied criminology where last minute work is my speciality however I am currently trying to figure out how to change this as the workload gets more and more demanding.

I don't think I'll ever know what I want to do with my life. :mellow:
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on the real fu*k high school :crazy:

oh and i only have 2 classes so its pretty easy, senior 2010!
I haaaaated school up until college. I really just did not enjoy being forced to complete all the crap that school required. It was all about taking tests, and the majority of my classes were focused on preparing you to take a test. If it was not one of a hundred regents, it was PSATs, or the SATs or regular tests. I do not even think the university I am enrolled in gives two shits about my old SAT scores, I only sent them my transcript from my junior college (which also did not even remotely care about my "regents diploma" or my SAT scores), and I got in based on two years worth of regular work. It is seriously like high school never happened!

I do not know, I suppose there are benefits to being forced to take a variety of classes from middle school through high school when most people do not know what they want to do, but really, it was just a pain in my ass. Most math courses did not teach anything remotely practical or even theoretical, it was just "learn this formula and repeat it on the test I will give you and you'll never use it again". USELESS! I do not know how many freaking essays I tossed in the garbage over the course of my forced education, they were all the dumbest things ever. Research papers were the worst, I still do not understand why it was necessary for me to take information from a textbook, repeat it but "OMG DO NOT PLAGARIZE!!!" and cite the hell out of it. I cannot name how many freaking times I wanted to tell my teachers to go read the actual work of the people who discovered all this original data. Just... Ugh, it was awful and despite being 21 already the thought of it all drives me up a wall.

Anyway, university is not as bad and I have no right to complain since I enrolled myself in it. Sucks that it now costs me like $40k a year though. :crying:
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i'm almost and intp, and i hate school.
everyone is super anal and everyone in my class are morons. i do just enough to get by.
the US system sounds get to pick your subjects once you get into high school, or what?

I live in Romania, and for us it's admission tests from grade school to high school-same subjects nation-wide, and based on those you apply and you might or might not get in, but once you chose a special type of high school profile, you don't get to choose your subjects, and the syllabus was seriously over-crammed. We were 7 hours per day in school, and we had around 14 subjects each year. I went to a maths/informatics profile, but hated informatics. I still know absolutely nothing in programming.
It was a bilingual high school, though, and I got my CAE exam at the end of the 11th grade, with A-most parts marked excellent(Writing, English in Use, Listening, Reading, Speaking).

The only other subject I studied at was maths-the rest are a blur. I would study a bit at the last minute-therefore I can't remember much of anything. In retrospect, I wish I would've payed more attention in chemistry, biology, physics, but the teachers were all a bore-under-payed, bitter and sarcastic-apart from the maths and english teachers, of course.

I am a master at ignoring the things I don't like..I took German classes through 8 years of school, and can only speak a few words..LOL
We also took Latin in the 9th grade-know nothing about it.
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the US system sounds get to pick your subjects once you get into high school, or what?
it can be cool, its very... pointless tho. the kids dont learn anything seriously or they forget it the next month. The US schools have a credit system, so yes you can choose your classes but you have to choose the ones that your credit needs. they have electives tho which are like car audio, gardening, photography, just random stuff. The best thing about high school are the friends and talking to them other than that if you dont have a friend it can be very boring
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