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Vague ik but, how are your grades as an INTP?
Favorite class(es)?
Your perfect teacher?
High school, for me it was annoying to actually have to start really trying to get good grades, honestly, how is or was it for you?
Studying?--i can never concentrate long enough!
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I haaaaated school up until college. I really just did not enjoy being forced to complete all the crap that school required. It was all about taking tests, and the majority of my classes were focused on preparing you to take a test. If it was not one of a hundred regents, it was PSATs, or the SATs or regular tests. I do not even think the university I am enrolled in gives two shits about my old SAT scores, I only sent them my transcript from my junior college (which also did not even remotely care about my "regents diploma" or my SAT scores), and I got in based on two years worth of regular work. It is seriously like high school never happened!

I do not know, I suppose there are benefits to being forced to take a variety of classes from middle school through high school when most people do not know what they want to do, but really, it was just a pain in my ass. Most math courses did not teach anything remotely practical or even theoretical, it was just "learn this formula and repeat it on the test I will give you and you'll never use it again". USELESS! I do not know how many freaking essays I tossed in the garbage over the course of my forced education, they were all the dumbest things ever. Research papers were the worst, I still do not understand why it was necessary for me to take information from a textbook, repeat it but "OMG DO NOT PLAGARIZE!!!" and cite the hell out of it. I cannot name how many freaking times I wanted to tell my teachers to go read the actual work of the people who discovered all this original data. Just... Ugh, it was awful and despite being 21 already the thought of it all drives me up a wall.

Anyway, university is not as bad and I have no right to complain since I enrolled myself in it. Sucks that it now costs me like $40k a year though. :crying:
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1 - 1 of 165 Posts
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