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Vague ik but, how are your grades as an INTP?
Favorite class(es)?
Your perfect teacher?
High school, for me it was annoying to actually have to start really trying to get good grades, honestly, how is or was it for you?
Studying?--i can never concentrate long enough!
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I know this INTP guy (my school senior, three years older than me) who never bothered to study, like, at all. The teachers were really frustrated cuz he was obviously brilliant and once got full marks for a literature test (which NEVER happens... but then again marking humanities subjects can be very subjective), but he couldn't be bothered to try. He nearly got held back a year, but the school principal decided to let it pass on account of his... smartness... or something. I don't really know. And once the teachers got so pissed with him, they suspended him for a week and forced him to stay in a monitored room and study for the upcoming tests, and he ended up near-topping that round of tests becuz this time he'd actually studied. Though then he went on to flunk his Alevels. I have no idea wtf goes on in his mind. like how can someone just... not care?!

...anyway. Then there's me! I've never been a straight A student. Scoring As for literature and English comes more or less effortlessly. Once I could score decently on a Maths test by studying only 10 minutes before it, but these days are long gone now that the syllabus has gotten harder. My current subjects in school are literature, economics, philosophy and maths -- I have a love hate relationship with all of them. I regret not taking geography.

My favourite teacher was a Maths tuition teacher. She was like a shining beacon of clarity in the murky complicated world of math. Right now I have this brilliant philosophy/literature teacher... he's insane, I can't even begin to describe him. We're studying Proof by David Auburn in lit class now -- if anyone here's read it, don't you think Catherine is totally an intp?!?!

And yeah, I have typical procrastination issues. I hate inertia, it's like this delibitating disease... the more one stays inert, the more likely one is to stay inert for longer... and longer... I've never missed out on any major important opportunity due to procrastination, though. I'm far too scared of not going to a good university.
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