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Vague ik but, how are your grades as an INTP?
Favorite class(es)?
Your perfect teacher?
High school, for me it was annoying to actually have to start really trying to get good grades, honestly, how is or was it for you?
Studying?--i can never concentrate long enough!
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I'm in Jr.High and here are my grades:
Spanish: 100 [though I truely don't like it; my teacher is too cheery]
7/8 Science: 95 [oh no!]
P.E.: 100 [blah blah blah]
English: 97 [it went down 2 points (sad)]
7/8 Math: 96 [it's alright I guess...]
Health: 98 [used to be a 100, I don't like the summer slump]
S.S.: 95 [gasp! It used to be a 98 *fail*]
H/C: 95 [used to be 100 too, gar gar]

So yea. I study for probably 5-20 min. depending on the subject. Studying bores me. [science and math are the only AP classes offered in my grade, I will also be going into all the AP classes next year]

My favorite teacher is probably my Science teacher. She's funny but also doesn't like kiss ups too much. I would say she's an ENFP, but she's amazing. I think she thinks I'm a bit queer though because I alwasy askquestions like "How did they first know how many atoms there were, though?" or "Since there were 4 original forces in our universe, and they expanded from one, will there be more in a few hundred billion years or so?". She usually laughs and tells me to look it up :p

Science is the best!!!
I love "sick" [teehee] days though, too!
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1 - 1 of 165 Posts
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