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INTP's are amazing!

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My best friend is an INTP- and she's sarcastic, funny and smart! She has made me. as an INFJ a happier person with her dry humor. <not sure what that means...

INTP's are the movers and shakers, hello Einstein!

Oh, and I'm new here by the way *waves*

So I wanted to tell you all that I love you and you're great people!!!!
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I am intrigued by and fear you INTP's alike...that's probably why I have one as a good friend, and two that are on my periphery of friend zone. Just in case you take over the world, I'd like to keep myself...alive...rather than dead.

Though I'm not an S, so I think I'm safe...most people say to send them to the moon in the world domination thread.

Also, you guys are very intelligent, though...maybe too smart, too inquisitive, too...funny and awesome and cute.

Did I say cute...damn...should go kill a kitten now...more or less will just pet it.:tongue:

You guys rule, keep up the inventing and ideas and stuff.
well just so you know...we WILL take over the world soon enough and u as an E,F, and J type would normally be fucked. but u got on the bandwagon early so its cool.:laughing:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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