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INTP's do you agree?....

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I recently stumbled across a post on a website that that featured a "How to tell if you're an INTP" list, and one of the traits was listed was: "data is your spirit animal". At that moment I automatically thought to myself bitch please, data is basic.

Conceptual framework that depicts a systematic (how it operates) design pertaining to the structural (how it's organized) foundation of the subject/object in question as a whole, is our spirit animal.

But I'm not sure if it's just me imposing an assumption about INTP's as a whole, so I would like to hear input from the other INTP's, if either:

a) The list gave a completely inaccurate example of what an INTP's spirit animal is

b) INTP's would agree that their spirit animal more closely resembles the conceptual design as opposed to just data
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I think data as a spirit animal is referring to the character 'Data' on Star Trek. He was an android. It fits INTP stereotypes pretty well.

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