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INTP's do you agree?....

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I recently stumbled across a post on a website that that featured a "How to tell if you're an INTP" list, and one of the traits was listed was: "data is your spirit animal". At that moment I automatically thought to myself bitch please, data is basic.

Conceptual framework that depicts a systematic (how it operates) design pertaining to the structural (how it's organized) foundation of the subject/object in question as a whole, is our spirit animal.

But I'm not sure if it's just me imposing an assumption about INTP's as a whole, so I would like to hear input from the other INTP's, if either:

a) The list gave a completely inaccurate example of what an INTP's spirit animal is

b) INTP's would agree that their spirit animal more closely resembles the conceptual design as opposed to just data
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You're missing the point.The term Spirit Animal is not being refered to in a literal context, (seeing as how it doesn't actually exist as a species or organism), but as a metaphorical concept depicting the wisdom and power and insight pertaining to the individual.
I feel the need to point out that nor "data" or "conceptual designs" are living beings, much less part of an animal species. Therefore I cannot agree with the perspective that such things could fit within the category of "spirit animals". Thought since every person is different in their own ways despite sharing the same type, it's impossible to assign a single animal species to be a perfect analogy for every single one of the characteristics that make up our collective personalities, so trying do so is pointless to begin with. Variables, variables. Why are we comparing animals with people anyways?

Ah, whatever, just say it's an owl like everyone else and indulge in unhealthy nocturnal-like sleeping habits. Also, you could try posting threads directed to INTPs into the INTP subforum, you'd get more exposure there.
You're missing the point. The term Spirit Animal is not being referred to here in a literal context, but as a metaphorical concept. Spirit animals aren't applicable as a species because they don't exist, but meant to depict the nature of wisdom, power and insight of the individual, and can double as a spiritual guardian/companion. Thus they can be applicable to a source representation of character rather than species. Hence why my referral to the systematic design .
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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