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INTP's from the south?

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So I was wondering what its like being an INTP who lives in the south.. I lived in New York my whole life so i felt my INTP personality was supported because people aren't really expected to be as friendly or hug all the time. This past year I went to a college in Arkansas and felt I stuck out a whole lot more because I wasn't overly friendly of touchy..I feel I stuck out even worse because I'm a girl and I was expected to play more of a girl traditional role? I don't know I just thought it would be interesting to have feedback from an INTP who grew up in the south..
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I was born in Houston, Texas, and lived there for the first twelve years of my life.
At age twelve, I moved to NYC, and have lived there ever since. (I am now seventeen)

Maybe it's because I'm from a big city in the south, or maybe it's because I left a good two or so years before my social awareness began to click (much later than the average child's would, I believe... I was always out of the loop, especially during that first year in NYC!) but I've never actually notice a marked change. This could also be because I go to an all-girls school, where most people are about as touchy-feely as they come. In fact, I've often felt more alienated here than I did back in the south (though I don't miss Houston one bit!)

The one marked difference, however, is how liberal everyone is here. Even in modern, bustling Houston, I got the vibe that a girl's purpose in life is to eventually get married and have a family. My current school is sure to emphasize the necessity of individual achievement, though it certainly does not condemn girls (the few that there are at my school, in any case) who just want to opt-out after graduating from a fancy college, and proceed to pop out three lovely kids with a rich husband.

I hope this was something near what you're looking for... But knowing me, this whole post has probably been one giant tangent.
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