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INTP's in the Bathroom

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I wash my hands practically up to the elbow and usually splash water all over the sink and floor. I never dry them, either with paper towel or with the dryer (except on very, very special occasions). I also always manage to get water all over the floor when I take a shower, and it doesn't seem like any other types do this. Am I alone?
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oh my god, this is hilarious. i laughed myself to tears reading these because my mother has always said i bathe "like a duck". i can't seem to shower, brush my teeth, or wash my hands without trailing puddles of water. nor can i understand how the SJs in my family do not. i can certainly see it as being an NP thing.

An "S" washing hands is probably thinking about washing his hands, maybe along with whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, according to the schedule posted conspicuously on the mirror (or maybe beside the mirror because it's neater that way). An "N" is probably thinking about non-bathroom related things.
this is an interesting observation. though i'm slightly OCD about hygiene and washing my hands, i am thinking about everything but the act itself. and if there's a window near the sink, i'll be looking up at the sky lost in thought while i scrub my hands. despite a mild germ fetish i don't, however, have the drying-of-hands issue. i use only paper towels at home, and in a public restroom i just use the dryer or paper towel dispenser with my fist or the back of my hand and then open the door with a paper towel or sleeve.
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