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INTP's in the Bathroom

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I wash my hands practically up to the elbow and usually splash water all over the sink and floor. I never dry them, either with paper towel or with the dryer (except on very, very special occasions). I also always manage to get water all over the floor when I take a shower, and it doesn't seem like any other types do this. Am I alone?
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It often intrigues me how the water stains on the bathroom mirror come to be.
The mirror runs to the ceiling and the full width of the room, i think Im careful, but seeing that I live alone there is only one way they can appear. The splash marks go all the way up and across.
Placing my hands in my armpits appears to be my favoured form of drying, after a good few flicks to shed the bulk of the water.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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