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INTP's in the Bathroom

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I wash my hands practically up to the elbow and usually splash water all over the sink and floor. I never dry them, either with paper towel or with the dryer (except on very, very special occasions). I also always manage to get water all over the floor when I take a shower, and it doesn't seem like any other types do this. Am I alone?
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Yep... I don't dry my hands well at all and I love to splash things. I usually somehow "play" with the water in the sink and perform simple experiments. I also find I'm obssessed with cleaning mirrorrs and the pipe. I want it to shine. >_< Anyway, my mom also always tells me to watch out and not splash the floor very time I go for a shower. I just have absolutely no idea how to shower without splashing the floor. I'm also like alergic to cold when I'm wet. Every time after I shower I nearly frezee if I don't dry up quickly, even with the radiator on. So yeah - I'm clumsy and splashy. >_<
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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