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Welcome Jer :D, be sure to fire up a custom avatar when you can. Most of us are shallow and -unintentionally- skim through posts from people without one (read as: me).

I'll start this off on a low note with the quote...

I never let schooling interfere with my education. - Mark Twain.

Long story short, the chances are your post secondary experience is going to feel unfulfilling for a large majority of it. The first 1-3 years are a complete mindless drag for the most part. The only exception is if you take a course outside of basic common sense / your interests. The problem, from what I've witnessed, is that lots of the early classes aren't focused enough and the material is overly simplistic. On top of that, your books are overpriced, typically never need to be -actually- used to score good grades, and quite a few of your teachers will likely hate teaching.

With that said, there are a few shining gem teachers out there, get on good terms with them! You may need references in the future.

As for feeling socially awkward, you know what? My classes were soo fucken boring because no one talked. I swear I was the only person that ever said something. Almost -everyone- is scared to speak up in class because they don't want everyone to think they're a moron. If you realize that pretty much everyone is shy, then force yourself to take control of their weakness. Play it smooth, play it confident, easier said than done, I know, but if you force yourself to do it long enough then it will happen. People will gravitate to you (unless you have a teachers pet vibe).

As for romance, there's a number of great comments in this thread::

Anyways, my advice to you while you're there is to network network network, and to look into -specialty- areas with regards to things of interest. Ie: a Criminology class which encompasses everything is kinda meh, but a Psychological Explanations of Criminal behavior course would probably be a lot more interesting. Unfortunately you will likely have to challenge yourself in school, because almost everything there is intended for the masses and the topics are often treated broadly to be in line with various professions.


P.s. sorry for the crappy post, completely tired. I can tell it's crap already, but focus on the encompassing idea(s)
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