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Now wasn't that a typical INFJ intro? Pay attention to ME!! I've been hit hard. An INFJ, 4w3, plus I'm a Libra in both my Sun and Moon with a Cancer Ascendant ... :shocked:

Now.. I want to figure what all of this means. I have a good handle on the Astrological part of it all.. but the stuff that goes on here? Not so much. I do however, find it intriguing.

Hmm.. what else to say in this ugly white box. Oh.. My name.. ahhhh-KAY-shaaa. Hmmm.. I'm freshly turned 35 going on 29. 29 and 13 are my favorite numbers. I think 29 is the perfect age to be and I love 13 because most people are superstitious.

I moved to Florida last year from Michigan. Except for the constant sunshine.. I hate it here. I think I will go back. Except I hate the snow. What to do? ho hum.

I'm a jeans,tank and sandals kind of girl.. I rarely have a tan and I dig bod mods.

My Partner Steph and I have the COOLEST 13 year old boy child you will EVER meet. Sorry. Your kid will NEVER be as cool as my kid. Sorry bout your bad luck. :laughing:

Ok so.. uh... I'm kind of random.. and don't really like talking about myself... so if you have anything you really want to know about me.. I'm just going to have to say... ASK.

Hopefully it will be nice meeting you. Hopefully I will make a friend. I don't have many.

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