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Hello(strongly resisting the urge to include an elipsis)

I'm a male, 16 year old teenager currently on the last year of high school.
...But that is something millions of people can say about themselves, so it's kinda boring.

I learned about MBTI around november, last year. I randomly stumbled across one of those personality tests(of which I was always addicted to) and scored as an INTP. It was kind of interesting at first, reading the description of it. Then, I decided to do some more research, and was like, blown away. "Well, they pretty much cracked 99% of the code". Then I went deeper in it, and read about the theory, the functions, etc. Until I ended up here. I registered last year, but only got around to post anything now, I guess. A bunch of stuff has happened in my life since last year, and I've been feeling a bit down, recently...

Oh, I'm supposed to say some stuff about who I am, right? That feels kind of weird...
I learned to read when I was around 3 years old, and that was a shock to most of my grandmother's extroverted family. My parents took me to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me and said I was a completely normal child, only with different influences than the kids on my neighbourhood. Which should have been obvious, in retrospect. My mom always read a lot to me before I slept, I had a bunch of books and some cubes with letters on them I loved to play with. I feel like I could write about my past forever, so I'd better switch to the present.
...And the present isn't very confortable right now. I'm feeling kind of lost, I have to make choices I don't really want to make, and uh, all that stuff. But, I'm working on it, I guess.
Oh, I like anime/manga, games, some select tv series,movies/paintings/art stuff in general that are relevant to my tastes(dark, mysterious, nostalgic, etc), books, theater. I had four years of violin classes, play a bit of piano, have some general self-taught knowledge about hardware and software(people always ask me to fix their computers). I had about 2 years of japanese classes, but quit last year when I was about to do my first profiency test(oh, the commitment issues!). I'm not really doing anything special now, though.

And that's enough, I think. It ended up being a huge % more personal(and long) than I originally wanted to, but that's fine, I guess. Well, hello to you all! I hope I can find people with similar interests to talk. I feel like my world has been shrinking, and I just want to try new stuff, talk to new people, live new experiences!
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