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It means that you're what is called NT, using both but one is going to be your Dominant function, the one "out front".

This is where it gets tricky so reread it again again--not all at once, when you're chill:

Introverts' Dominant is the Aide who comes out and fronts for the General.
Extraverts' Dominant is the General, so he's got the Aide as the back-up, "in the tent", like a war.

So, for the Introverts, which is all we're concerned with right now, we got eight types:

Put aside the "I" because we know you're introverted, no need to focus on that.

Now we look at the two in the middle, for you:

Whether you are INTJ or INTP, it's gonna be NT:

If you're an INTJ, iNtuitive will be out in front leading Thinking.
If you're an INTP, Thinking will come first, with a back up iNtuitive.
If you're balanced here, one will lead, and the other follow, or switch--depending on situation.

That isn't that big of a deal right now.

Here is where it gets interesting, and harder to discern "for others" but upon reflection, and going private, one on one with someone you trust--this is true of ALL introverts (have to be close, have trust), you will know which is:
The General in the tent, and which is the Aide.

In other words you will present to the public a facade because as an introvert you prefer privacy.

What someone sees as The General is really the Aide coming out to say, in essence, "May I help you?" while the General is inside the tent: Taking charge and giving the commands.


Now for J/P

If you are INTJ, judging is what the public will see; but perceiving is what you'll be doing.

If you are INTP, perceiving is what the public will see; but judging is what you'll be doing.

If you are close to the line, one or the other can come greet the public, it won't be that obvious.

It is the extremes for J/P that matter, meaning what you (and any introvert) will have to work on.


I got more to work on to flesh it out, get it down so well, I can answer this for someone privately and tell it straight.

If someone, however, does what I call "ask me reporter-like questions"?

I'll send the Aide out; The General will be inside the tent.
So, the reporter will think he met me, but he won't have a clue.

Same with you.
Same with any "true" Introvert.

We choose, or what is called in MBTI typing lingo, "prefer" to keep our real thoughts, feelings, ambitions, projects, details... private, to ourselves--letting a very few, if any inside.


That's enough for now.

I'm sure I muffed something so email me, and I'll rephrase it:

I am a re-writer; and part of the reason for that, what even other introverts miss, is how private I am:

Not gonna get me; not gonna get me at all for a long time, with a lot of effort.

Except for some reason I click once in a while with someone like you and I have, and bam! like that you get enough of me; I get enough of you, you know--we understand each other.

Sure, we have to clarify, and our vocabulary words mean vast or slightly different things to the other, and we get tired, maybe don't feel like revealing ourselves, especially in a VM. But we get each other enough.

Others, though?

They send me "reporter-like" questions, especially those people I don't know; and those who've never been vulnerable with me; and the rest I just know (intuition, information, sensing, whatever--all of it) are too different,
condemning of my choices, or don't have a clue about poverty and what-all?

They get the door slammed, and damn fast, too--if they were arrogant or rude.
If they meant no harm, I still won't tell 'em much, if anything but I won't slam the door.

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