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Introverts and Sensors in fiction.

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There has been a recent crop up of N vs S on this site, and I vs E. Yeah, I know you thought it was going away but I'm bringing it back! In a positive way though.

This is just something that has been on my mind lately and I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this.

A lot of main characters in fiction are introverts NOT extroverts! Maybe that's because more Introverts are writers? IDK, but introverts complain all the time about how society doesn't approve of them, yet the COOLEST characters are introverts.

Same thing goes to sensors! Some of the most BADASS characters in fiction are ISTPs, ISFPs, and ISTJs! You don't see the ENTPs out their killing a horde of zombies. No they are the comical character that gets killed when they decide "it will be fine if they go down the dark hallway by their self". Haha, silly ENTP.

My point. As a writer and part of an audience I appreciate the SPs in fiction (and in life) as well as the introverts. For all of those N superior out there, please take the time to do the same and see that without them, we would be missing out on some of the greatest stories and characters of all time.

My point to the SPs SJs and introverts. Take the time to see your sensor/introvert brethren for how awesome they are and how much society enjoys those characters!
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brownie points for being right...
@Miss Scarlet: That's cuz ENxx's make better villains. :wink:
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