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Introverts feel INFERIOR to Extroverts. True?

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Im an introvert and i feel inferior to extroverts. A group of extroverts sitting together (gossipping usually) really look like a tiger mouth to me, i never know how to be that 'cool' chick who can just walk up to the group and tap in the conversation like nobody's problem.

Any of you introverts feel the same?

1 - 5 of 43 Posts not sure if i want to be more extrovert than i already am, i think im content with my 'introvertness'. The main reason i feel inferior is because there have been instances where when i approach them, the momentum of their discussions becomes lower; as if there was a signal saying "i wasnt supposed to be here". Not sure if thats what they were thinking, but that what i was thinking ;p
awww, i hate that feeling! Just thinking back on moments like those makes me want to go curl up by myself somewhere :sad:

And yeah, I've always tended to feel inferior to extroverts, but I attributed that to growing up in a culture where extroverts were praised and held up as an example of the "better" thing to be. Until i started reading about the different types i kind of thought something was missing or broken in me because I couldn't be like the extroverts. I still wish i could be more outgoing.
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Rant: Being an introvert is easier than being an extrovert!

But I'm not THAT much loud and overly talkative o.o I think o.o
Really? How so? I've never really thought about it from that point of view

My sister's an extrovert and she makes it look effortless. she comes home when she gets the occasional whim to be by herself and within an hour or so is back out hanging with old friends and making new ones. She has left me an open invitation to come with her to hang out with people, but i always end up not knowing what to say and feeling like an alien in a crowded room (especially when contrasted with her social butterfly-ness!)
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Most of the time Extroverts piss me off so I don't get a chance to think about whether I feel inferior to them or not. Its like they always want me to chime in and say something just to say something. Personally, I've never loved hearing the sound of my own voice. I'll speak if I feel I can contribute something of value to the conversation.
they piss you off? Weird. I mean, i've know a girl that was an extrovert that really pissed me off but i've never attributed that feeling to the lot of them. In fact, i usually have liked the one's i've crossed paths with. Maybe it's because I admire that trait, or maybe it's because i just don't understand it so it fascinates me, either way i don't usually get pissed off at them unless there are other contributing factors.
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Yeah a few of them do. They always ask that annoying question too:

Why are you so quiet?

Well maybe you guys need to talk about something halfway interesting?? Maybe I'll chime in then.
hm... well, i'm a girl so i've noticed people translate my quietness as a cute charm. I suppose they might guess different motives for a boy which would make those statements come off as more hostile or annoying.
Yeah you get a pass. As a guy I'm kind of expected to be all "in your face", loud talking, and braggadocios.
I've always preferred the quiet, mysterious types anyway ;)
(not that I'd ever have the guts to go up and start a conversation with one.)
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