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Disclaimer, generalized statements ahead, not all extraverts etc etc etc

There are kinds of extraverts that have the amazing ability to make me feel slow, stupid, and out of place. I used to feel inferior, but I'm much more comfortable with myself than I used to be. However, these people far outpace me in conversation, and seem impatient when I try to take my time and when I start trying to explain something that takes a bit to explain.

These tend to be the same people who want to help by "pulling me out of my shell." It's easy to start feeling like something is wrong when the people around you keep trying to 'fix' you. These are the same people that ask "Why don't you talk?" which is just curiosity, I know, but it is also a spotlight.

Even worse, but much rarer, are those who delight in my social awkwardness. Those who treat me like a toy, or tell me I'm cute (in that condescending sort of way). Those who go out of their way to make me feel uncomfortable because it's funny. I haven't run into these kinds since I graduated high school, or maybe I can just deal with the bullshit better.

Funny thing is, I've had the kinds of the former tell me that I can be intimidating. I'm a tiny girl, I weigh 95 pounds and am around 5'5'', so intimidating is not a word I expect to be used to describe me. Apparently, to some, the quiet calm thing is unnerving. I don't know why. No one has elaborated. Just changing perspectives here. I've had one extravert tell me, "You must think I'm pathetic that I need constant company. You have it so together, but I just can't take being alone like that!"
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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