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Introverts feel INFERIOR to Extroverts. True?

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Im an introvert and i feel inferior to extroverts. A group of extroverts sitting together (gossipping usually) really look like a tiger mouth to me, i never know how to be that 'cool' chick who can just walk up to the group and tap in the conversation like nobody's problem.

Any of you introverts feel the same?

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Being an introvert, I really do prefer to just listen instead of being part of the conversation. It's who I am. I love being who I am.
I am the same way. I find that this is a poorly understood phenomena - there are many well-intentioned people who have a difficult time comprehending that it's even possible for someone genuinely ENJOY a passive role in conversation, as opposed to the typical view that they're just bad at getting their voice in.

There are many occasions in which I enjoy having a blabbermouth around just going yap yap yap at for much of the conversation; it's less work on my part and probably pleases the other person's desire to be listened to.
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