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Introverts feel INFERIOR to Extroverts. True?

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Im an introvert and i feel inferior to extroverts. A group of extroverts sitting together (gossipping usually) really look like a tiger mouth to me, i never know how to be that 'cool' chick who can just walk up to the group and tap in the conversation like nobody's problem.

Any of you introverts feel the same?

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I usually just prefer to listen but sometimes I can't help myself with witty temptations when they pop up.

Though I find it hard to join a group of people that I've just met or don't know, I have to be around them for awhile before I start jumping in, where some of my friends can get involved with nearly anyone any time no problem.

I don't feel Inferior to them what so ever, Just a different ways of doing things. :tongue:
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