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Introverts feel INFERIOR to Extroverts. True?

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Im an introvert and i feel inferior to extroverts. A group of extroverts sitting together (gossipping usually) really look like a tiger mouth to me, i never know how to be that 'cool' chick who can just walk up to the group and tap in the conversation like nobody's problem.

Any of you introverts feel the same?

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I think it's an INFx thing....

Actually can't really be sure about ISxP's

But, I know ISxJ's pretty much keep going about their business getting shit done, and INTx's don't WANT anyone around them. They basically have their "fuck off" faces on all day. They revel in being introverted.

Thus, I think the four Jungian types play a bigger role than anything else.
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Reactions: 2 not sure if i want to be more extrovert than i already am, i think im content with my 'introvertness'. The main reason i feel inferior is because there have been instances where when i approach them, the momentum of their discussions becomes lower; as if there was a signal saying "i wasnt supposed to be here". Not sure if thats what they were thinking, but that what i was thinking ;p
That's cuz you are an INFP darling. It's ok. Hang out with me, and I will cover for you.
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