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Intuition +Te=crazy?

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Lately I've been wondering if there's a link between crazy and intuition, been stalked by a ENTJ, ENFJ and ENFP which outside of of the ENFJ they utilize Te and some form of intuition. Is crazy linked to intuition?
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It doesn't have to be. I'm pretty sure my crazy ex is an ESFP (although I could be wrong about her). There's also ENTJ's and INTJ's that use their Te to stay grounded in reality.

I'm guessing you have some confirmation bias going on here.
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The idea that you people type your stalkers is beyond hilarious.
In my case I had a 5-year relationship with her, so I have an alibi ;)

But I do agree that typing someone that you've had no normal interaction with is kind of weird. There's all kinds of reasons why typing a stalker can be problematic.
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