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To those who know 100% they're an intuitive dom or aux (And I don't mean "I'm smart, therefore I'm an intuitive" types), would you say your intuition, perhaps, could be traced to solipsism?

In other words, you are very self-aware, deeply understand all your thoughts, desires, and you slowly form your basis of human nature on these…understandings. (Can't think of a better word)
You then can predict other people's behaviors because of this deep, rather natural understanding of human behavior, because first and foremost you understand yourself really well. Also, the reason why Ni is much more sure of their forecast is because of unconscious Se- they notice every little detail in their surroundings without realizing it…they also have a strong memory of these internally developed ideas about human nature that they've developed over years (unlike Si which more so strongly remembers specific incidences in their life, and random facts and details they've accumulated over the years), so immediately their unconscious and memory puts two and two together about what someone is going to do.

Ne uses Si as their backup, so they're not as trusting of their immediate predictions…Si is layers upon layers of details and facts. So they keep making these predictions (which again are traced back to their theories of human nature which stem from a deep understanding of themselves) one after another, and Si along with any other function helps them cross things off mentally using past data they've learned. They keep also noting more and more details in the surrounding slowly but surely to find the one detail that completely jogs their Si to the correct past fact.

Let me know if I am at least on the right track, or talking BS.
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