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Hey there!

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts about inverted sleep cycles, (not the disorder kind) like actually swapping your sleep from 00:01am - 08:00am to 18:00pm - 02:00am.

I'm highly introverted, and I work in a very extroverted job (kindergarten), and everyday I get home I fall asleep, as my body and mind relaxes when I sit in my chair.
Often this results in me sleeping for 3 hours, and screwing up my regular sleep cycle.

I'm very aware there is better ways to cope with being tired, but I would like to stay up at nights for personal reasons.
Next week I'm going to try sleep directly after I get home, and sleep until like 2:00am. Then stay up until 7:30am and take a power nap for 15 minutes. After that I will head to work.
I have no problems falling asleep at any given time.
Ideally this will allow me to:
- sleep longer (if desired), and avoid oversleeping
- enjoy my free-time as I would be rested
- Be able to stay awake at work as I would have to be in focus, and I would not be drained by social interactions before work.

It might backfire though and cause me to get absolutely tired towards the end of the day, but I hope this won't happen.
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