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Hello, I was told to study cognitive functions in the beginning when trying to locate my type. I'm stumped as to whether I'm an INxJ, or an INTP. I have this feeling that I'm an INTJ, like I know I am one, but there's always this flicker of doubt because a lot of times my feelings towards something are important to me, etc. INTP pops up too. I think I'm a very slightly expressed J somehow.

Anyways above I have analyzed and written out thoughts about everything described about each cognitive function. Yellow is what fits me well/very well. In pink is something I questions may be slightly right or wrong about me,
but may be very true, so probably important. Under in italics are my thoughts/questions/what confuses me so that I can't determine anything.......

Very much appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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