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I'm kind of in a typing crisis. So I'm untyped again and it feels wrong.
So I would like to find the right type for me. Could you please share some of your insights?
I did read pretty much about the functions, but it mostly confuses me.

I'm a 5 in enneagram. It fits because I tend to think and keep distant.
I thaught myself to "stay real" by that I mean not talk about imaginary things,
because otherwise my train of thoughts leads nowhere. When I start interpreting things,
i see so many different ways in which they could be interpreted that I get lost and confused.
I prefer to keep silence instead and leave those interpretations alone.
I can take charge(lead) if I have to (nobody else does it) but I won't fight for the position.
I don't care about how I look, but I try to do an effort.
People tell me to smile more often.
I tend to keep distant, so in the rule, alot of time is needed to get to know me.
I'm naive by times or oversuspicous on the other end. It's hard that not everybody can be trusted.
Believing that if you just trust the person they can be thrustworthy is nothing else but a dream anymore.

if that's not enough, :)p)

* I definitely feel the emotions of other people. Sometimes I misjudge them by thinking they are mad at me. DId I do something wrong?
* I love to help people if they genuinly need me.
* If I have to do multiple things, I will forget unless I write them down. If I don't do something immediatly when asked I also forget.
* The future is a constant on my mind. It kills me if I don't know where I'm going. It makesme feel lost.
* I find myself daydreaming alot about possibilities. It's hard to choose.
* I never loose things and everything has its own place. I stress out if something is not in its place.
* I don't really care about how I appear, but I somehow have to do an effort. I guess it's expected.
* I do have role models, but they are far beyond my reach. (normal huh?)
* my true thoughts and feelings rarely come out unfiltered.
* I easily feel guilty.
* I like speedy gonzales. In the Simpsons I'd say lisa is the most interesting person.
* as a kid I often disappeared, like parents having to call me in the speakers in shops for example. (I would just be in the comics department)

If you got all the way through,

thank you for reading my post :)

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You sound like an introverted intuitive. From your description I gathered that most of your mind's focus in on some sort of internal analysis that you try to keep down because it keeps running in circles. I have heard introverts describe this phenomenon before (usually happens from lack of outside information). That you get imaginative and try to keep yourself real, that you don't really care about own appearance indicates that sensory function is probably your tertiary or inferior one.

There are four introverted intuitives - INFP, INTJ, INTP, INFJ

Three of them have different dominant functions:
INTP - Ti introverted thinking
INFP - Fi introverted feeling
INTJ and INFJ - Ni introverted intuition

The key to determining which one you are lies in googling up the dominant function of each and reading in detail how it manifests in people. Key difference between Ni and Fi-Ti is that the former is a perceiving function that works to unify things into one particular model. It likes switching perspectives and studying existing reality as it is to pick up clues that it then strives to unite together. Fi and Ti are judging, disjointing functions. They like picking up models and ideas and taking them apart into pieces and making a judgement about each piece. People with these functions are dominant are typically more detail oriented when it comes to concepts (not so much in sensory sense).

If you narrow yourself down to INTJ vs INFJ then you will need to read more about supporting function to distinguish the difference. For INTJs this is Te and Fi, for INFJs this is Fe and Ti.

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I'm most certainly Ti and Ni user. Probably Fe user also because I like harmony and if it's not there in a group I feel bad and want to fix it. I've learned to keep things to myself in order to avoid conflict and keep peace. I guess Fi user wouldn't care so much about that.

The last function left is logically Se.

Ti seems more developed than Fe, so that what I have to work on. I guess that's why I was confused by thinking I was a Ti dominant.

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Well there is only one type that uses Ni Ti and Fe and that is INFJs. In some INFJs Ti is actually well developed and these may be confused with INTPs. Jung himself has stated that he is a Ti dominant though he is commonly ascribed being INFJ or INTJ. I think the confusion lies in that when people are introverting they feel their introverted processes working most definitely, but when they are extraverting the attention is on the outside environment and so extraverted processes are not as conspicuous. If you are highly introverted person you will spend more of your time using your introverted functions. Se in INFJs is an inferior function, an Achilles heel function with which we have somewhat of a love-hate relationship.
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