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Because i ENTPied my ENFJ crush about morals.

He hates porn star that he said they deserve to die.
Then i asked him, what if you switched bodies with a porn star?
He said, he'll gonna kill himself.
Then, i asked him if what's worse, a suicider or a porn star?
A porn star he said, because he has honor.
I asked, is killing yourself just because you have done something bad will make things better, or give you an honor?
He said yes, it's die for something and live for nothing.
So i asked again, what did you die for? For doing wrong?

Then he doesn't anymore replied back.

I think i pissed him. Hahaha. XD

Whew. I don't have crush anymore.

That's the guy i used to like when i pretend to be an INFP.

Good bye dork. You suck.
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