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So I've been on Youtube a lot recently, and I'm a pretty big fan of the YT channel "h3h3 productions". I've often wondered what MBTI types Ethan and Hila are. Although I'm still uncertain of Hila's type (Ixxx?) I used to be fairly certain that Ethan is an ENTP. He's quick-witted, creative and often sly in his lampooning of other Youtube channels. He also fits the Ti bill fairly well, making logical and principled judgement calls on certain issues which concern or interest him. But then I saw this video:

And began to consider whether or not Ethan is actually an Fi user. In some ways, he fits the bill of ENFP even better than ENTP. He makes value judgments, he speaks on issues he cares about and, most of all, I've noticed that most of the criticisms he makes of other Youtubers like Joey Salads are based on morals rather than logic. He's almost always more interested in questioning how people's behavior will affect others, and clearly champions certain viewpoints and beliefs based on his value system.
What do you guys think? Is he ENFP or ENTP, or even something else?
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