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LivingWaters wrote> People who are successful/happy often seem fakey to me.
Happiness is fleeting, and for many it can be based on values and ideas many of us do not share; perhaps we may abhor them: Making a lot of money and giving no thought to those who have so little, for instance.

Someone may feel happy because he tricked someone into trusting him and she invested her savings, so he made a great financial profit at her expense.

If someone faces himself squarely or herself squarely, and works to achieve an "internal state of contentment" at no one's expense, I would call that successful and happiness worth working to achieve; many others might see this person as a loser and foolish.

Anyone who is putting on a facade for whatever reason does not like him or herself--not at the core, and is therefore not--in my estimation--happy or successful in the way I value and am working toward.

We all fool ourselves sometimes, so we are all being "fake" in some way. When we accept "that" as part of The Human Condition, we have hope to stop being fake, and also to stop blaming others for being fake:

Win/win... or Happy/Successful.
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