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Is it intuition or perception or?

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I am not shy, I am not emotionally sensitive, but the mere physical presense of another human wears me out. It is if I have some subconscious mechanism that is switched "on" by other people just being in my space. An involuntary awareness that I can't "tune out", when activated for very long exhausts me.

I'm wondering if this is common with INTP, and would be interested in thoughts about whether this is related to intuition, perception, or just random strangeness (I have lots of that).

Thanks for any thoughts.
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I thought introverts in general get tired quickly of being in social situations. When socializing, I have to keep an eye on my INTJ wife. I know when my time is up and she is ready to go. Maybe an I and T combination?

Introverts - socializing drains them, need alone time to recharge
Extroverts - socializing energizes them, alone time drains them
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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