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My father is in his 60s, to start off with. He's very logical minded. Did very well in school when he was younger, especially in math oriented subjects, and got a masters in physics, etc.

He used to like to do photography in his 20s and 30s when he had more time in his life. He can really enjoy the outdoors greatly. Loves to sing and listen to music. Finds great joy in the song itself and in the words.

He mostly likes to read about and watch sports, and also read the news.

He becomes very nostalgic about the past. Tells me vivid stories about his childhood. He is original from a third world country; reads a lot of books about people visiting his homeland. He's also religious, though he says he does it because his father used to for the sake of the family. However, he considers the fact that God may not exist.

He can be very insensitive, but can eventually have his mind changed and apologize. He has a rather fragile ego at times, and can take things personally and blow up at you. He also acts very blunt to other people without knowing. However, many folks thinks he's a very likable and lively guy. He likes talking to people at times. He tells me he gets great Jo making a difference in someones life, being inspirational.

He's very paranoid and worried about things, in some cases. e.g. For whatever reason, he refused to by a house near a main road because he hates thinking that anyone could look into our windows.

He's rather irresponsible and lazy at times. My mother, 100% an ISTJ, whipped him better into shape, he claims. You ask him to do something, and it'll completely slip his mind unless you bring it up several times and yell at him about it.

My father in a nutshell. XD What do you think? XSTP, XSTJ?
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