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Hello! Just curious what others think.

When I first introduced him to MBTI and the cognitive functions, he actually got "undetermined" on the first two tests (I had him take cognitive functions tests). It wasn't until the third one he scored as ENFJ. When he took it again sometime later, he got ENFP. He related to both descriptions, but ultimately said he's just who he is. He can't be typed :p and according to him, there are too many issues with categorizing people this way.

I see what he means, but still, I'm curious.

So what he's like:
-He's "overly friendly" according to some people and very enthusiastic upon first impression, but also shy and socially anxious at times. He told me that sometimes his anxiety comes across as excitement to others.
-Some people think he's basically Spongebob--quick to love & accept all people and call them family. He doesn't give up on people.
-He describes himself as a social chameleon.
-Listens more often than he speaks, and sometimes breaks into long monologues when he does.
-A lot of times I catch him saying things just to agree with others and then I discover he only wants to be encouraging while he actually holds completely different/more nuanced views.
-Though, with me, he's often a relentless devil's advocate---or it seems he will persistently counter when he thinks what he has to offer will help the other person. With him, everything is "situational", which is why I can't really describe him one way.
-People first see him as people-pleasing and friendly, and feel shocked when he flips. He can be very scary and abrasive when people upset him.
-Enneagram 2: the helper.
-He loves spontaneous adventures and is very flexible (sometimes to a fault because there are some things you do need to plan), but also very cautious. He can focus too much on what bad might happen despite me insisting there is only a small chance that they do happen.
-He's uncomfortable with open-endedness. In our relationship, he's always the one planning far into the future. We recently played a game with an ever expanding world, and he doesn't like how he doesn't know what the end-game is. He likes things with a clear beginning and end.
-He loves indulging in future prospects but also makes connections about various topics with ease.
-He's a jack-of-all-trades and prefers being that.
-Has ADHD and loves multitasking, always being engaged in multiple things at once. He's restless: likes to switch things up, change sceneries on dates, etc. But he gets distressed by constant changes that are out of his control whereas I can adapt to those same changes. He's also distressed when there isn't coordination or organization in a group.
-His motto is "Just be yourself!" He is very unapologetically authentic while caring about other people <3

So what do you think?
And thank you for reading!
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