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Hi, I was wondering about your opinion on Mochizuki's MBTI type. I think it's fair to narrow it down to INTP and INTJ, which are the two most likely types for academics in technical fields like math, but given how little information we have about the man I could be mistaken.

Personally, I think he's an INTJ because in grad school he was known for is exceptional ability to concentrate. This could indicate a well developed Ni or very driven Ti, but the former is more likely. Secondly, his theory (IUT/arithmetic deformation theory) doesn't seem to be very Ne. It seems to take what we already know about mathematics and add to it in a very unique way, creating an extension for arithmetic geometry to solve more challenging problems. This seems like Ni, as Ni is very interested in improving old systems, rather than simply developing new ones for the sake of doing so. Not a general truth, but seems to be so. Also, I think his lack of communcation with the rest of the world indicates an underdeveloped Fi. He doesn't seem to care about what other people think, as he simply posted his work on his webpage for somebody to discover rather than overtly distributing it. However, this could also be a sign of inferior Fe.

All in all, most of the signs seem to correlate well with INTJ but can also be interpreted as INTP.
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