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Hmmm INFP, interesting. Now I mean this is quite stereotypical, my two INFP friends, one boy and one girl have not much awareness of social norms at all and seem to do stuff what they love despite of the moral status noticed. They essentially are free spirits that live according to their will, I envy that since I consider social norms a lot. While in surface I resemble INFPs or ISFPs a lot, after further exploration we’re just completely different beings.

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Might be why I type INFJ, not INFP because I am well aware of social norms yet 'sometimes' (certain circumstances) choose to defy or skirt them when they don't make sense or worse, the social norms are harmful to my mind, bearing in mind that social norms for me growing up in no way resembled social norms of most people on this forum, i.e. I was raised in violent environments, went to poor schools where after school fights were a daily thing, got pulled into an alley in summer, noonish, raped... and had many more experiences, witnessed them too, that are outside other people's "social norms."

I try to go by Universal norms, and even then, sorting is required, so I use The Good Samaritan as a moral yardstick, Yeshua's teachings as a guide, and still miss the mark.

I test INFJ and INTP and always have--far more often than the occasional INFP, but eh, for this forum, INFP works, so STET (let it stand).
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