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@Literally God

Going back to your quote for me--thank ye for it, I gotta say I like attention too, so I'm still clear on NTP, and still wondering about I vs E but it's no big deal because you could be close to the line one way or the other and it wouldn't matter much, although your sense of humor when I compare it to INTPs and ENTPs I know and even those on youtube, your own is more ENTP.

As for not doing well one-on-one, I had an INTP friend who did OK one-on-one as long as I did not venture into areas outside his rather narrow comfort zone, e.g. don't talk about his history; don't go deep into subjects that he could snow his young friends on but I know a lot about, but worse, do not ever or certainly not repeatedly trigger his emotions 'cause that made him blow.

Ah, well, I couldn't do it any differently given the circumstances, but we had some great Movie Nights until he went back into his cocoon.

I got another friend, much closer--we built up to it, and she is an INTP, very different in crucial ways than he.

She is great one-on-one and older, and has traveled all over, even went to Washington to deliver a paper on Net Neutrality, and she also works in a lab doing work for Parkinson's disease so eh, she's got more confidence than the young man to whom I just referred.

So, for now, since you don't come across as out-of-touch with yourself, I'll go with ENTP unless 'you' find and share differently.

I do think Crowbo may, just may mind you, be an INFP--like me, perhaps, too, close on F/T (quoting Dr. Katz), "again, like me."

I am positive in his case that he is an introvert, and I mean zero doubt. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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