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I hope this thread helps me understand what type I am. :happy: Its been 9 months sense I found out about the MBTI and I still don't know my type. :tongue:

I - decides if these details are about the self
E- decides if these details are about the external world.

N - Notices few details
S - Remembers lots details


F - Understands emotional content
T - Understands non-emotional content

P - Is this relevant to what I know
J - Is this relevant to what I observe

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The best thing you can do is take a test. Google HumanMetrics; it's pretty accurate and FREE! :D

It was explained to me like this: each letter answers one of four questions.

First question is, "Where do you get energy from?" If the answer is "people," you're Extroverted. If the answer is "being alone," you're Introverted.

Second question is, "How do you gather information?" If you primarily use your senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, sound) you're an S. If you generally get "feelings" about information (like make decisions based on instinct rather than facts) you're more of an iNtuitive.

Third question: "How do you make decisions?" If you make decisions based on logic and facts, then you're probably a Thinker. But if you try to make decisions based on how other people will perceive/judge you for them, you're more of a Feeler.

Fourth question: "Once you make a decision, how do you act upon it?" Perceivers like to put off decisions as long as possible, to keep their options open. Judgers, once a decision is made, want to act immediately.

There's a pretty basic rundown, but really the best way to decide is to take a test. And I'd remind you that none of these are good or bad; personality is neutral, it's how you act on what your personality urges that makes a difference. :D

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I think there's a thread about functions stickied up there.

N/S is about which function you prefer to use to perceive information
N can be either Ne where ideas are noticed or Ni where ideas are remembered.
S can be either Se where details are noticed or Si where details are remembered.

F/T is about which function you prefer to use to judge and make decisions.
F can be Fe where the groups feelings are more important or Fi where your own feelings are more important.
T can be Te where the groups ideas are more important or Ti where your own ideas are more important.
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