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Is this just a staring problem?

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Ok I've started a new job, going on a few weeks now.. Ever since my first day I've been catching this cute girl stare at me.. Like each time I make eye contact with her from far or walking by her, she doesn't seem to let go of the staring. It doesnt really creep me out, and it makes me stare back as well. For one thing, because I like her and wouldn't mind to stare. But to be honest its bugged me in a weird way for the first few days because she would stare but absent-mindedly; as if she was not aware of it.

I'm quite convinced she is infp. She has a very reserved and shy look, far from the loud type, and who doesn't speak much. And the way she looks at me too..her staring looks so dreamy, not a direct, blank or open stare.. And then I search for something on these forums about INFps and staring and I read threads confirming this to me.

The trouble is I like her and want to say something. But i am having doubts..Am I taking this too far or maybe blowing it up into something else? What does the staring mean? Clues?
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Be careful, I notice people look at us / in our direction and get those dreamy eyes, but may not necessarily be interested. I don't know what it is exactly, but it just seems like a way to zone out of reality. Maybe there's some sort of vortex around us.

There have been cases where I've had basically what you describe and I've talked to them only to be shot down harder than ever. "Oh, I have that class with you?" -- Nonetheless, still strike up a convo, but don't mention the looks.
Ya, we seem to get interested in people we think are interested in us.

Now I'm so skeptical that I need all sorts of evidence before I think someone is actually into me. Hell, one girl even made a craigslist post about it once, haha...

(exact situation we're describing here, the whole staring thing) -- fail editing, but lazy to fix it.

Funny part is, I still told myself that wasn't for me at the time. (it definitely is for me)
haha seriously?
Same thing has happened to me a few times and I think we INFPs get deluded into thinking because the way someone looks at us means they are interested.
I'm quite assertive when it comes to initiating it with someone I get vibes from. And I have many times been looked at with a crazy face once doing so. lol
It's as if they are pretending they didn't stare at me all those times and seem so intrigued. Puh-leaze.
I am soo done with the nonverbal communicating admiration. Or supposed.

Ya, it certainly is odd. There are some people I took interest in simply because they took interest in me. I never even noticed them before. I've also had some stalkers in the past and I think that's like the best feeling ever. Now, most stalkers end up being a little too low on the IQ level to do anything with, but it's like the biggest ego trip I've ever experienced. To the point where you get kind of dark and manipulative to sort of feign interest, but never pursue, just so you prolong it.

So so wrong :(.
LoL! that's nuts.

"Ya, we seem to get interested in people we think are interested in us. "
I actually find that kind of, or reallly, pathetic about us. Nothing to brag about lol.
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