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Is this more of a 7w8 thing or 7w6?

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So these two can be hard to differentiate if you look objectively at just the theoretical part of wing descriptions: power vs security. Mostly because people might act powerful/aggressive ways to gain security. Also 6w5s can appear like 7w8s in some cases where the type is counterphobic- I made that point to go back to the six wing on the seven..

Anyway I'm having a hard time differentiating from the two. All I really know is, 7w6s seem more softer and hyperactive than 7w8s. That's literally all I know. Do 7w8s ever have an offbeat, quirky sense of humour that usually associated with 7w6s?

7w6 or 7w8 traits?:
I keep scoring 7w6 but honestly I'm not hyperactive at all, I'm just selfish about fun and get bored very easily, especially when things grow out of novelty. I've been called both weak and tough. I can be both anxious and confident. I do need a lot of advice when it comes to rights and wrongs. I don't mind breaking rules. I am childlike. If I am going to initiate contact I prefer it to be with the vulnerable and quiet ones. One of my main goals is to shapen and sharpen up to reality and be able to be tough minded and resilient and be able to shake things of quickly. A lot of things can make me annoyed but i choose to and can keep my calm and I find it unnatural to lose my temper. It doesn't come out. This is due to not wanting to show an emotional or sensitive side and break that down within myself. I can lie easily. I speak my mind about what I think/feel about things unless there's extenuating circumstances. I don't speak up too often and am a quiet person. I like to take things lightly and don't like it when there's too much and frequent emotional stir ups. I'm not a risk taker. I wouldn't take a night job because it's dangerous conditions. I'm not intentionally mean to people. Not responsible, can be self pitying. Susceptible to anxiety. Try to keep things light. Soft, not aggressive.

I know I'm not a 9 though, too selfishly hoarding my own fun and if someone is doing something I find boring despite them probably wanting the company I won't sacrifice my own time. Also I'm never the one to reconcile conflicts.

Maybe you guys could put down some pointers for helping differentiating them too.
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If you're sx/sp like you identify, then not being "hyperactive" and being "selfish" is completely apt. Not being a risk-taker can be indicative of having sp second in your stacking. Descriptions of 7w6 are invariably biased towards so/sx.

In regards to this description, it's much more 7w6 than 7w8.
Lol. Reading back on it now, it is much mor 7w6. Thanks
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