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Is this normal?

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Okay, so in the past few months I've been having really weird (I don't know what to even call them) but I "sensed" things that I didn't neccessarily know were gonna happen, and they happened. This doesn't make so much sense, so I will give some examples. First of these happenings was a dream I had in early of June. It's very personal for me, so I won't mention what it was about, and everything I saw in that dream really happened in July. There were even details in the dream that I've never even heard of, so I don't really know how I could even dream about it. And before anyone says, it's not Deja Vu. The second happening happened not so long ago. Every night, I go out with my friend, and we always use her motorcycle. One day, I wanted to walk (without even knowing what would happen next), and we just agreed to meet in the town. So when I came down, I found my friend and she had blood all over her, because she fell. But what I find strange is why I would all of a sudden just eant walk, if we always went out together on the motorcycle... And the third thing, kinda similar to the second, happened very recently (5 days ago). It's actually very stupid, but I'm gonna tell it. So I was skyping with my girlfriend (I don't want my parents to find about her just yet) and my dad heard us. He is convinced that I talked with my ex-girlfriend that they hated, and even threatens to turn off the internet. But here's the thing, as the two of us were skyping, I took a picture of the screen (you can see her in it), the day when he heard us. It's like I knew it, without even knowing.

So what do you guys think? Is it just crazy inuition, or is it something more?
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The human brain is adapted to find patterns. Things like this may seem as too significant to be mere coincidences, but given enough time some coincidences will happen and the brain will be there to see them as patterns. There are logical explanations for what happened to you even if you don't know what they are. I don't know the details, but I can suggest some explanations.

Last year, after the soccer world cup ended, one person's twitter account became popular because they had guessed right the scores of all the matches. The dates of all predictions were before the world cup even started. At first glance one may think that person had insider information or posesses magical abilities. What actually happened is that they posted tweets with all possible matches and scores before the world cup and then deleted those which were wrong. The point is, after you know what happened, a non-prediction may appear as prediction.

After you know what happens in July, your brain remembers about the dream and starts matching it to the reality. It may change the memory of the dream to fit reality. In addition, maybe your subconscious had enough information to predict what would happen and put it in a dream.

Your friend is on her motorcycle and she is alone so she is not as careful as usually. She ends up falling. Also, you make choises how to get somewhere all the time. There must are times when you chose to use public transportation, a bicycle, somebody's car, etc. and nothing special happened. You're thinking of the one situation when something happened. Given enough time there very probably will be such situation.

I guess you've taken some screenshots that you never had used for. You remember those times when you took ones that happened to be useful.
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