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What would a relationship be like between an ENTP 4w5 and an INTP 5w4?
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ENTP 4w5 seems too sketchy to me. Is this MBTI + Enneagram combo even possible?
ENTP 5 is possible because you would expect actualy a 5 to be a Thinker type (Albeit that would be a more introverted ENTP, since ENTP's are typicaly extroverted), Enneagram 4 always more corresponds with Feeler types since Enneagram 4 as a type is focused on the wide range of feelings and emotions, which contradicts ENTP and Thinker types in general. (Not saying that Thinkers dont have feelings and emotions, they just arent primarily focused on them since their F functions are lower on the stack and prefer the T functions)

The only thinker type I would honestly see as a possibility with 4 would be INTJ, since I always seen INTJ's as the most feeler out of all of the Thinker types, because of the Ni - Fi combo, which can make them appear more as a feeler.

But honestly, if you gonna see an ENTJ 4, you surely would be skeptic about it? It's the same thing with ENTP's, ExTP's in general are Fi blind most of the time (If we use Beebe's 8 cognitive functions model), which highly contradicts 4.
Why not? I'm an ENTP 5w6
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