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Is this the intuitive part of me, the ENFJ personality in all, or am I just crazy?

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So it's not very common, but sometimes I'll have dreams that basically don't make sense and a few days later someone will say something and I'll go, " Oh, I dreamt about that"


To premise this story, I have never met my grandfather and up until this time I had never even seen pictures of him. I was probably seven or eight, and I had a dream of this man in an old like... 50s/60s looking house with like weird orange-ish carpet, and he had a blue button up shirt and khaki pants and an oxygen tank.

The next few days I didn't really care about it but then I told my mom and she goes, " That's really strange, that looks like your grandpa" and she found a picture of him and it was in the same house and the same clothes and everything.

And then last week I had a dream that I cut my big toe at the beach and it bleed like... A LOT cause you know for some reason, I've discovered feet/hands bleed a lot lolz

and then last night my sister came to visit me from florida and she was like, " Hey look, my toe stopped bleeding" and I was like, " saywhat now?" and she goes, " I cut my big toe when we went to the beach the other day with my group and it's been bleeding for the past few days" and the only difference from my dream (besides other weird just... dream stuff lolz) and her real life was that her cut was in a different place on the same big toe

There have been more but these are the most prominent ones I can think of.

So like... am I just strange or does this have to do with my personality type or am I just sensitive to weird stuff like that?

I feel kinda dorky but the kids in one of my classes think its worth asking so -shrugs- fire away lol :crazy:
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I have dreams that happen with alarming frequency. For a specific example, when I was 13 years old I had a dream that included a 10 second scene where I was walking down a hallway. A few years later I moved to a state that I'd never set foot in. When I was 18, I went to a college that had just been built 3 years before that (when I was 15... as in it wasn't even in existance when I was 13). I found myself walking in that exact same hall, thinking the exact same things, with the people being exactly the same, saying exactly the same things that I dreamed before I'd ever set foot in the state where the college was built, years before it was even built.

These snippets are almost always completely mundane, like eating chicken with someone, or looking at a shoe, but I can remember them with great clarity. I can remember the parts of the dream before and after the scene, and I can even remember when I had the dream.

I've also noticed that I have dreams that happen in phases. For instance, I'll have a dozen instances over the course of a few days, then nothing for a few weeks, sometimes months.

I normally have a rational explanation for how the mind works with respect to cognitive functions, even the physiological areas of the brain. However, for this phenomenon, I have only a very irrational hypothesis. The combination of Ni and Fe makes you psychic. I don't know how or why, but it does. Purdue University actually did a study and found that there were clear distinctions in the percentages of both reported psychic activity, and the percentages of tested psychic activity (like guessing the card, predicting dice, etc.) based on MBTI type. INFJs topped the chart (notably). ENFJs came in second.

So, while I can't explain why it works, I can certainly point to evidence that it does work. Ni seeks to predict the future. Fe is an extremely empathic function. The two of these seem to have a tremendously potent potential for psychic phenomenon. I don't know any INFJs or ENFJs who don't have some degree of psychic manifestations, especially picking up on the emotions and even random thoughts of other people.

I've long wondered what purpose dreaming about a few seconds of really mundane scenes served. The only thing that I've been able to deduce is that being able to dream the future means you're on track. Otherwise, the dream wouldn't come true.

I've occasionally had relative dreams, like the one mentioned above with the toe bleeding, but those aren't as common for me as just dreaming an actual scene. When I do have them, they're a little confusing to me because I'm so used to everything being exactly the same. For example, I'll dream overhearing a conversation. When the conversation happens, it's exactly the same words, but the people are in a different place wearing different clothes. I've often tried to wrap my mind around how that works. I have no answers there... maybe the future was altered somehow, but still found its way to part of the prediction. I dunno.

This is one of those areas where science has yet to catch up to reality.
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