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Very very generally speaking, Ti tends to prefer knowledge for knowledge's sake, wanting a consistant understanding of things. Te sacrifices the depth of knowledge, and tends to seek practical knowledge.

NeTi people are more prone to playing with ideas to get to a subjective truth. NiTe will usually tell you there's no truth, or that it's irrelevant or all in perspective and it's what can be done with the ideas and information.

I suppose you could say NeTi is more detached, using ideas as an end rather than means to an end.

The differences between E and I can usually be simplified to breadth versus depth.
This has thrown a wrench in things a bit for me. Now I'm real sure I'm Ti dominant, and I feel that all truth is subjective and really depends on the upbringing, ie, experiences of the individual, and that's what I regard as the truth and know to be a largely armchair doctrine. I feel as though there really is no truth, and that's the truth. So does that make me more Te-ish than I thought myself to be? I'm a fairly action oriented person and I'm right there in the fray with some people at my work I know to be ENTJs. Except when a problem comes about I feel like my Ne lays out the solutions immediately and my Ti picks the best one. Where as the ENTJs Te seems to throw out the solutions and their Ni chooses the best one. The difference I've noticed is that with my Ne providing the options they always tend to be new ideas and some of them are now being used by my ENTJ friends, and the ENTJs always tend to go with the established route, which is sometimes my route now :laughing:
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